Our Services

ADMAK TECH achieves customer satisfaction through professional transactions and excellent communication with our customers to understand their needs and requirements & supply the largest business sector in KSA with technologies that cut down every day’s life tasks without having to burden high costs in return.

We mainly specialize in below  service

IT Consultations

IT Consultations Lower Total Cost of Ownership Higher Return on Investment ERP/CRM/POS Cyber Security Security Policies Systems Analysis

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Computer/Network Security

Computer/Network Security : DIA Point to Point Internet Connectivity VSAT Connectivity Vulnerability Assessment MSP Cloud/On Prem based Firewalls SIEM(SOC) Network Monitoring(NOC) Cloud/On Prem based Web

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Outdoot Point-to-Point and Multipoint Do you have a need to connect users in separate buildings? Today’s wireless technology is a very reliable and cost effective

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Cloud/On Prem based Backup and Recovery solutions Designing & Implementing Business Continuous IT solutions Datacenter Design & Virtualization Datacenter Relocation

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Satellite Services

VSAT Services As experts in providing our clients with the most interactive communications systems of the day, we proudly offer our services regarding the design

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Network services

ADMAK TECH  supports your business with connection networks to link between departments of your company or your branches whatever the distance between them. Virtual private network

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VPN Solution

RED Sophos SOPHOS REMOTE ETHERNET DEVICE (RED) is a small network appliance, designed to be as simple to deploy as possible. Its main purpose is to

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Cost optimization Reduce risk and complexity Performance Improvements Improved and increased Security Independent, multi-vendor expertise and experience Merger and acquisition assistance Data center consolidation and

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