About Us

Who We Are

An Information Technology Company Under The Category Of ISP


We have witnessed the growth and development of digitization in Saudi Arabia from the start. This allowed us to transform from a System Integrated as ISP and IT service provider. providing our customer with full service from an internet source to connections, internal settings, connecting companies’ branches, security and protection solutions, and surveillance cameras. Over 10 years ago, ADMAKTECH started System Integrated.

Our Core Values

Honesty, Creativity, Service & Growth


Honesty is one of the most fundamental values. Honesty is reflected in what we say and what we do. It affects our lives, jobs, relationships, feelings for ourselves, and the actions we take. It can push us forward and allow us to feel satisfied with what we do.


Creativity is part of our DNA. It comes from all employees at all levels, and we realize that it is a value that exists in many forms.


Contributing to the well-being of others; We put others above ourselves.


We know growth won’t be easy. We know we will be standing at the precipice of breakthroughs at times, reluctant to do the hard stuff. But we know that difficult thing will lead our employees and customers to where they aspire.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

You need to grow better! Our vision is to provide highly creative and customized services from the Internet source to connections, internal settings, and connecting companies’ branches as well as security and protection solutions and surveillance cameras solutions that will help customers and impress companies and distinguish them from others led by a diverse team dedicated to innovation.

Our Mission

As the IT world continues to change, we always understand new ways and methods to provide the most advanced and beneficial potential to our customers, so we have created to help SMEs provide disaster recovery plans, i.e., reduce human error, service level agreements, and cloud services as well as providing cost-effective solutions that ensure IT flexibility and raise awareness of public cybersecurity (data protection security from hack).

Why Choose Us?


ADMAK Tech provides a general awareness of information security and cybersecurity and provides cost-effective solutions that ensure IT flexibility for SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises), and ensures that small businesses have a high return on investment.



KSA’s Leading Digital

  • Having started as a corporate Internet Service Provider (ISP) in 2014 has today become KSA’s Leading.

Strong Partnerships

  • Strong expertise on multiple cloud platforms.

Over 1000 Corporate Customers

  • 2 of the top airline aviation in KSA.
  • 2 of top insurance companies.
  • 10 + top retail company in perfume in KSA.
  • 200+ SMB customers.
  • 1 Of the top 5 retail Super Market in KSA.
  • Growing number of government organizations.