Satellite Services

VSAT Services

As experts in providing our clients with the most interactive communications systems of the day, we proudly offer our services regarding the design and installation of VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) systems. These systems provide dedicated, reliable and budget friendly communication links for the individual and commercial users, with absolute terms to support high bandwidth secure data, voice and video communication.

Satellite Broadband services

The broadband satellite communication systems are extremely fast, reliable and ideal to be used to meet the business and enterprise needs. These safe and secure broadband systems are ideal to be utilized for military, oil and gas, enterprise, education, banking, maritime connectivity and video surveillance working.

One-way Satellite Broadband

The one way satellite service is also known as hybrid system. It is an extremely fast internet connection and it is an ideal solution for the offices which require fast and reliable data transportation. In one way satellite broadband service, the data is transferred via satellite and the data moves over the internet via standard telephone lines. For the company whose business fundamentally relies over the web browsing activities; this service is ideal internet solution to their problems.

Other Features

The speed of the one way satellite service ranges from 64 to 1024 kbps and allows unlimited download capacity. On the other hand the one way broadband can also provide burst-able internet connection with bandwidth ranging from 64 kbps and 1.5 mbps. Moreover this connection allows the user to change the bandwidth requirements according to his desire. It is reliable, fast and cost effective internet connection and highly suitable for the corporations that require one way data transmission.


  • No professional installation is required
  • High speed downloading
  • Lower latency
  • Cost effective

Enterprise IP-VPN

The VPN is a private communications network designed for enterprises and it is a very secure network and allows the user to privately communicate over the public internet. To keep the data confidential over the internet, the data is encapsulated within a header which provides routing information, which keeps it secure over the network and transits it to the particular location. The confidential data is remained encrypted over the network.

Main Features

  • Best effort QOS
  • Security; IPSEC encrypted tunnels
  • Guaranteed SLA for VSAT


  • Single LAN for diverse company locations
  • A user can easily extend application and bring business applications to his office
  • Widespread coverage
  • 24 hours customer service
  • Cost Effective

SCPC-SCPC Dedicated Services

Single channel per carrier (SCPC) are designed to provide secure, reliable, compact and speedy bandwidth connectivity. It is ideal to be used in remote areas. It guarantees bandwidth availability and keeps you connected to the world. The point to point connection of SCPC supports all day to day business communication needs, such as emailing, data communication, voice communication and video communication

SCPC/DVB Dedicated Services

The SCPC/DVB is basically used for access to internet services. In the SCPC/DVB service, the data is transmitted through the SCPC link and collected from the DVB platform. In this the network can be shared by many users. Therefore it is an ideal service to be used in educational institutes and research institutes.

Point to Point Linking

The point to point link is basically a dedicated link which connects two points to communicate directly with each other. The point to point linking term is fundamentally used in computer networking as it is usually referred to the connection between two nodes on a network. Some of its key features are:

  • Dedicated link which supports all applications
  • Speed ranging from 64 kbps to 2 Mbps
  • Fully customized n x E1 links on case-by-case basis
  • Guaranteed SLA for quality and uptime
  • Duplex symmetric and asymmetric connectivity

Mesh Networking Services

Mesh Networking is a type of networking in which each site of the network acts as a router. It is a very reliable network from security and speed point of view. On the other hand if one site or if the main point is not operating than still all the other sites can freely communicate with each other.

Video Conference

It is a telecommunication technology that allows two or more than two locations to communicate with each other through two way video and audio transmissions simultaneously. The VTC (video teleconference) is the fundamental technology used in video conference. The VTC system digitally compresses the audio and video streams and the software which compresses the data streams is known as codec. Through the codec compression rates of up to 1:500 can be achieved. The digital streams are than divided into data packets and later which are transmitted through VSAT. It is an extremely compact and innovative technology that allows two or more than two people to visually communicate with each other and it has made the business world more glamorous.

IP Connectivity Service

With the emergence of newer technologies related to data and communication, the need of specialized services has also increased. On the other hand new constraints to support distributed computing networks and security issues are somehow forcing to upgrade the previously installed SCADA networks because only upgraded and speedy communication services allow us to use video surveillance and remote trouble shooting systems. We offer you Group Quality of Services (GQOS). With these state of the art services, far flung areas can be prepared to provide video surveillance and VoIP access as well as the LAN access to communicate easily and freely. Moreover links over the network can be easily encrypted using AES standard.