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Covid 19 Thermal camera

Since the rate of the Covid-19 is swiftly increasing, millions of people have resorted to staying home. Yet, others have to go to work in industries like shipping, manufacturing, and medical equipment. According to WHO, Covid-19 can spread before the appearance of symptoms like cough and fever. Therefore, countries and business sectors have implemented precautions procedures to curb the spread of the virus.

One of the methods is by scanning the body temperature to detect those who got high temperatures- infected with the virus. The thermal image extracts with an extensive software package with software development kit (SDK), the software can programed to identify people whose skin got high temperature exceeding the predefined value, giving alarm to isolate suspected persons from their companions till medical examination get done. Hence, at Admktech we are ready to assist our customers with various systems and solutions that suit and tailor their facilities and companies.