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Cloud Service

Properly secured and optimized Acronis backup cloud solution can make all the distinct differences when it comes to running a successful business. Backing up your primary data accounts essential part a company should implement to maintain its smooth operation and continuity of business. Hence, we deliver a worry-free backup mechanism that continuously facilitates seamless retention of your days over the Acronis Cloud.

Acronis Cyber Protect cloud is a distinctive yet simple system employed to integrate data protection with cybersecurity. Usage of this system will get rid of the complexity of the traditional method and ensure security as the primary point of your business, protect your clients and business, and down your cost.

Choosing AdmakTech as your IT partner will put you at ease backing up your data. We always strive to maintain your existing End User Machines, Servers, Office 365 & Mobile Devices, offering you peace of mind regarding data protection and restoration mechanisms.

Effective Costs

improve efficiency by employing one tool of monitoring, assistance, backup recovery, and reporting- you do not need to own new hardware, staff, or training.

Managed Security

maintain your customers’ protection and access other services revenue without any need to hire highly costs security specialists.

Backup and Recovery

Quick and reliable recovery of your data, system anytime and anywhere.


Having the ability to store your backups in many locations including locally at your premises (either local disk or shared folder).